Warehouses in the United States are known as Warehouse or Distribution Centers. These spaces are used by importers, exporters and distributors who need to keep their products in a safe place until they reach their final destination.

If your idea is to open a market in the United States to sell your items to the most profitable economy in the world, it is essential to have a commercial alliance with a warehouse in the United States. For this, the warehouses must have characteristics that facilitate the distribution of their products in the North American market.

What are the characteristics that this warehouse in the US must have for the best handling of my products?

Location is very important since the last thing you want is for your transportation cost to increase, that is to say something that is close to the border is the best option.

The most convenient thing for Latin American countries is to choose an American state that has a time zone similar to those of these countries, since if you choose a warehouse in the West zone (California, Oregon, etc.) you may face a very different time zone. big.

If your products come from China, for example, it is also interesting that your warehouse is in a state that has easy access to ports. This ensures that the item reaches your warehouse faster and is less likely to be lost during shipping.

As your business will be managed from a country in Latin America, it is necessary that you choose an American state that has a small difference in the time zone. If you choose a warehouse in California, for example, you may face a time difference of up to six hours. Ideally, opt for alternatives that have a difference of a few hours with respect to your country.


It is critical that you have the confidence that your inventory is being well managed and controlled, for this it is mandatory that your supplier can give you visibility to your inventory in real time, inbound and outbound orders of your products.


Price is an important detail when choosing a warehouse. It is essential to consider all the benefits that the warehouse offers, not just the warehousing service. The staff of this establishment will be responsible for the handling and delivery of the products and all this will have a cost.


Remember that you will be operating a remote business. To make your daily work easier, opt for a warehouse that has service in English and Spanish, This avoids any kind of communication failure in your business.


The United States has several warehouses and each has a business profile. When choosing your warehouse, choose one that is suitable according to your needs.

Are you going to store only a few items for your e-commerce?
Some warehouses will not want to do business with you because they only serve high volumes.

Are you planning to receive containers full of products?
If so, focus on warehouses that have room for your products, at a good cost-benefit ratio. Each type of product is handled. Stay tuned to see if your chosen option will handle your items properly.


It is essential that the chosen warehouse has an order automation integrated into its virtual store. This ensures that, as soon as your customer buys an item in your virtual store, the packaging team already knows which product to pack and then send it to its final destination.


Last but not least, it is essential that the chosen warehouse has a qualified workforce to handle your product. If the products you want to store depend on specific care, make sure that the chosen warehouse is capable of meeting your demands.

Once you know all the characteristics of a good warehouse, it is time to understand how US transportation companies work and how to save on the logistics of your products.

How would the shipping services of your products work to your customers in the United States?

Logistics is an essential part of the selection of your warehouse in the United States. It is very popular to use the American postal service (USPS United States Postal Service). It is very important to know how this service works.

There are other services such as Fedex, UPS, DHL etc. These services are private companies that offer services such as the USPS. Therefore, it is very important to know if your warehouse in the United States has systems that can be interlinked with these services.

As well as asking if they have any type of alliance with these companies that provide these services and thus be able to have a better price in each of the shipments.


But after all, which Warehouse do I choose to store and ship my products in the United States?

A warehouse that has all these characteristics is PCR International Group located in Laredo, Texas since it has a warehouse of more than 45,000 square feet the exact size for large and small companies.

Our main focus is to serve the Latin American market and those around the world who want to enter the North American market, we have highly qualified bilingual personnel with years of experience in the field.

We process and consolidate your order, sending the product to the end customer with agility and care. In addition, we have a direct integration with the main American market places and we have a good negotiation with the main American freight transport companies. This ensures that your products are delivered to the end consumer at more affordable prices.

To learn more about our logistics services in the United States and associated costs, request a quote today.

We are a company dedicated to help and service other companies in the international trade business.

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